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Lesbian Domination!

It had been a game at first. Jill would bind her wrists with a scarfe, or a pair of nylons. And then, helpless, Betty allowed the older girl to kiss her and pet her. Betty knew she wasn't a lesbian, but she did enjoy the feeling of being helpless. So, when Jill unbuttoned her blouse, when Jill cupped and fondled her small girlish breasts it wasn't her fault! She couldn't stop Jill when she slid her hand under her skirt. Clamping her thighs tightly shut Betty would moan and whimper. But, helpless and bound she could only watched as the other girl sexually used her.

It all started to go wrong when Betty tried to leave Jill.

The older girl was stunned. 'I thought we were lovers!' She cried.
'I'm not gay,' answered Betty, 'It was just a bit of fun!'
Jill went white with anger. 'You'll be sorry!' She hissed. The door slammed and she left Betty alone to pack. She planned to leave the next morning. But when she awoke. Her hands and wrists were chained.

Fear clutched at her belly. She tugged weakly at the cold steel chains that bound her.
Then Jill walked in. 'I told you you'd be sorry.'
Betty burst into tears. 'Jill please. Let me go. Please!'
The older girl shook her head. 'No. I have other plans. Last night I told my friend about you. She said she could tame you. Train you to be more, more accommodating!' 'What do you mean?' Betty wanted to know, fear mounting inside her. Jill was enjoying her fear. Sitting next to Betty on the bed she cupped Betty's small but luscious breast in her palm saying softly, 'Olga offered me good money for you. And when she'd finished with you she says you'll be glad to have me back. And I believe her!'
Before Betty could respond they heard footsteps at the door. Betty cringed when the older woman stalked into her bedroom. Olga was a big woman with large breasts and massive hips. She licked her thick cruel lips and spoke directly to Jill. 'I've paid for her, she's mine. So take your hands off her!';
Jill smiled and took her hand from Betty's breast. 'She's all yours Olga dear. But remember, once she's been trained, I want her back.' Betty swallowed painfully, 'What, what do you mean. Let me go. Oh please, let me go!'
The two women ignored her. Dragging her to her feet they frog-marched her to the waiting car. With only a thin coat thrown over her shoulders to hide her shame Betty felt cold, and frightened. Alone in the back of the huge black vehicle she swayed helplessly from side to side as the older woman drove deep into the countryside.
The house was large and forbidding. Betty shuddered as two heavy-set women wearing nurses uniforms dragged her from the car.
'Take her to the cellars,' Olga commanded, 'introduce her to the slaves!'

Feeling faint, helpless and terrified Betty allowed the two females to walk her down stone steps. A steel door was opened. A beautiful young woman wearing only a skimpy pair of panties and a tiny satin bra was chained to the wall. Betty felt two pairs of hands roam over her body. She was still wearing her thin nightdress and she felt horribly vulnerable. 'Please.' She begged, 'Please don't hurt me. Please!'
The older of the two females removed the chains that bound her wrists. Betty rubbed them trying to get the circulation going.
'Get undressed!' The voice a whip!
Shivering with fear and shame Betty drew the filmy skirts of her nightdress above her wide hips and heavy breasts. Suddenly, shockingly she was naked. All eyes were on her magnificent figure. One of the nurses whistled softly, 'Well, we have a real beauty here. You will be popular.'
The second nurse bent low and Betty felt her ankle restrains being removed. It felt good to be able to move freely. The two uniformed females silently helped her dress. A pair of nylon knickers, and a tight silk dress that buttoned at the front. High-heeled boots with a thick breasted heel completed her dress.
'Put your hands behind your back.' The older nurse told her.
Betty drew back, she hated the thought of being helpless and bound.
'Please, it isn't necessary. Please don't.'
The second woman laughed, 'You little fool. In this house you will always be bound.'
The lovely young woman chained to the wall spoke for the first time. 'Do as they say. You cannot escape, so you must obey.'
Reluctantly and fearfully Betty placed her hands behind her back. Rough rope was swiftly and expertly wrapped around her already bruised wrists. A second rope bound her elbows tightly together. Once more she was totally helpless. Vulnerable and scared. The sound of heels on the stone steps outside turned the two nurses into scared-looking women.
Betty began to whimper. Her thighs quivered and her knees turned to rubber. Olga stepped into the room. Standing directly in front of Betty she looked every inch the Madam of the House. Regal in her skyscraper heels, her fully-fashioned hose and her tight leather skirt.

'You are here to learn. You are here to obey.' Her hand reached out and she absently caressed Betty's hip. 'You have only one function. To please me.'
'Please let me go. I'll do anything you ask. But please, I beg you. Oh let me go!' She sobbed.
Olga frowned, 'Gag her!'
The older nurse produced a length of thin white latex. Betty cried, tears of helpless rage and fear rolled down her face. Shaking her head she whimpered, 'No, don't. I'll stay quiet. Please, oh please!'
The smell of latex filled her nostrils as the elasticated material was wrapped about the lower part of her face. It was forced tight over her lips. Her muffled squeals of fear sounded like soft echoes in the dank cellar. Olga leaned close, 'That's better, when I'm speaking I like to be heard. Now listen carefully. I can do anything I want to you. I own you. You are perfectly helpless. The sooner you understand this, the sooner you are broken the happier you will be. Resistance is totally futile.'
Betty's eyes bulged as the woman began to unbutton her dress. Pulling wildly on the ropes that bit deep into her wrists and elbows Betty tried to get free. The veins in her face became swollen with effort. To no avail. She was utterly helpless!
A hand slid inside her dress. Her breast quivered excitedly as the woman's hot palm cupped her cool naked flesh. Betty blushed as her nipple responded to the clever and skilful manipulation of her flesh. Olga caressed her buttocks and stroked her belly. Now her dress was open and her bare breasts exposed. And then she kissed her! A soft wet lingering kiss on both of Betty's breasts.
'Open your legs.' The woman hissed into her ear. 'Do it!'
Betty squirmed with shame as she saw the other prisoner gaping excitedly at the way she was being used. Clamping her thighs tight she tried to pull free. Olga grinned. 'When are you going to learn? I can do anything, and you will obey. Now, open your legs or I'll whip you.'
Betty met her eye and knew she was telling the truth. With a sob of shame she meekly parted her hot thighs as far as her skirt would allow. Olga slid her hot palm up the inside of Betty's marble-smooth thigh. And touched her! Betty moaned through the latex gag. Olga slobbered over her naked breasts and stroked her through soaking panties. Waves of forbidden lust swept over Betty. Suddenly she wanted more. Her hips thrust obscenely against the probing fingers at her groin. And when Olga drew her knickers down she eagerly opened her thighs in sluttish abandon!
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